3D Model Views, Westmont Hilltop, Elementary (August 10, 2015)

Kristen McKissick -

A series of 3D model renderings

This is a series of 20 views of the three-dimensional model showing the massing of the architectural elements as a progression through a simple path within the site.
- Kristen P. McKissick
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  • Donna Zellers -

    There are existing trees along the Lucerne Street side of the building and a few more shown as new plants on that side as well. The remainder of the property appears devoid of any trees. This absence is especially impactful on the very public view of the property on the Menoher side. Westmont and Southmont boroughs both have the Tree City USA designation because of their attention to maintaining trees in the community. One would hope that the school district be attentive to the tree environment as well.