• It is with deep regret and heavy hearts that the Mimar Family informs you of the passing of one of its own, Mrs. Julia Dougherty. Mrs. Dougherty passed away earlier this week. Our hearts not only grieve at the passing of a remarkable individual, but also for her family’s loss—our thoughts and prayers go out to them. All who had the good fortune of knowing Mrs. Dougherty will remember her as a powerful force of nature. One who not only made a tremendous impact in the Graphic Design community, with her unparalleled talents, skills and dedication, but in the lives of all who knew her. Her accomplished career is only rivaled by her magnanimous spirit and compassionate heart.

    Mimar is proud and honored to have shared in the beautiful life and loving memory of Mrs. Dougherty.

    She will surely be missed!

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  • Most of our business family will have heard by now, but our friend Burger crossed the rainbow bridge in June of 2013. He was our beloved mastiff, an ambassador for the breed and a better "person" than many a human. Patient, kind, tolerant and comforting. I still hear him in the emptiness where he isn't every day. To paraphrase the words of John Donne, I am not an island and my friend's death diminishes me. Burger helped to involve me with mankind and it is to his credit that I am who I am. So here are some moments of his well-spent life - encapsulated in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. May we all live so well, enjoy life so daily and have so few regrets.

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