Files Provide Conduit for Sharing with the Public

    • Files Provide Conduit for Sharing with the Public

      How it Works

      File categories are created by client and project. While this portion of the site can be as restricted as the forum area, we find that the capabilities of sharing files within forum posts is ideal for limited-access discussions. We typically use this section to provide information to the pubic at large. Files here are often PDF versions of presentations given at public meetings, advisory-committee authored progress reports or final-phase drawings or diagrams.

      We have found that sharing information with the general community encourages public confidence in the higher-level decision making process. Members of the community can see materials prior to the implementation of a "final edict" and they can observe their advisory team's contributions to the outcome of the planning process. Having access to information and representation in the process builds trust between the general public and the leadership of the organization seeking to act in the larger community's best interest.
      - Kristen P. McKissick