Forums Provide Restricted Access to Information by User Group

    • Forums Provide Restricted Access to Information by User Group

      How it Works

      Like all components of this forum site, users can be denied or granted access to view, edit or upload files. Typically, one of our staff posts information on a new thread such as this one. Discussion on that topic takes the form of a series of replies by participants.

      Multi-Sub-Forum Structure

      If we have created a forum/sub-forum structure, the sub-forum is typically used to allow a smaller, administrative level group access to certain information in addition to what is shared with the larger advisory committee. Often, information shared with the administrative group involves sharing agendas, first-pass analysis results, summaries of non-vetted data and other information which may require examination before presentation to the larger committee.

      Previewing information at this level gives administrative leaders an awareness of the issues surfacing for discussion and allows the leadership to preview preliminary results or share in preparation of presentation materials as co-authors or editors. This ensures there are no "surprises" as meetings progress to larger audiences.
      - Kristen P. McKissick